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Over time, the buildup of grease, clogged ducts, and malfunctioning exhaust motors can pose a serious risk to your kitchen hood. Consider having your kitchen exhaust system checked because these often overlooked issues are a potential fire hazard waiting to happen. That’s not all. If you have a restaurant or any other professional establishment that uses kitchen hood systems which happen to be clogged, greasy and under-cleaned — it might lead to penalties and fines imposed by the municipal health inspector, firefighting authority, or could potentially trigger a claim with your insurance provider.

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Kevana Hooks
Kevana Hooks
Professional kitchen exhaust cleaners . They do installs on site explains everything thorough . Easy and quick scheduling . Takes pictures of before and after service .
Kattianne Folwell
Kattianne Folwell
Professional and does installs on site
Stephen Balconi
Stephen Balconi
Hood cleaning done correctly and professionally.

Western NY’s most trusted and reliable kitchen hood cleaners — Book today!

To make sure your kitchen hood system is sanitary, hazard-proof, and law-abiding, don’t wait until later and call Advanced Hood Cleaning Solutions right away and get a Free Quote. We’re here for you 24/7. 

Reliable Kitchen Hood Cleaners at Your Service

Wondering where you’ll find reliable and professional hood cleaning services around Western NY? Rest your search now because you’re at Advanced Hood Cleaning Solutions, the best and most trusted kitchen hood cleaners around Western New York. We employ only the best, professional expert kitchen hood cleaners for our residents around Western NY who will always make sure to leave your kitchen hood sparkling like new. 

What truly sets us apart from other regular kitchen hood cleaning services is our truly dedicated team that keeps on delivering beyond industry-standard services and works exactly as per your instructions. Fret not, because no matter the size or quantity, our expert-vetted exhaust hood cleaners will always ensure quality. They’re trained to work around and with fire components with ease and precision, which gives them the ability to work around your system with full efficiency. 

Our exhaust hood cleaning services don’t just pertain to one type of location — from restaurant hood cleaning to professional hood cleaning, anywhere you have an exhaust hood system, you know to call Advanced Hood Cleaning Solutions.

We make sure that our kitchen hood cleaning services cut the grease down to the bare metal of your hoods and bring your kitchen’s standards to comply with NFPA 96 fire codes. Ensure complete safety of your workers and customers by removing fire hazards and possible risks of explosion. 

At Advanced Hood Cleaning Solutions, our customer’s time is very valuable to us so we’ve employed the most time-efficient solutions of getting to us as soon as possible. Just give us a call and receive a free quote for commercial hood cleaning at your building at the best prices and we’ll be there.

Our Services

Don’t let damaged ducts compromise your kitchen’s efficiency. Our skilled exhaust hood cleaners are adept at identifying and repairing duct issues promptly. From minor leaks to major repairs, we ensure optimal airflow and functionality for a safer and more effective, sanitary, safe and of course, law-abiding kitchen environment.

Pressure Washing

Revitalize your kitchen space with our high-quality pressure washing services that go beyond industry-standards. We use FDA-approved agents and state-of-the-art equipment to remove grease, grime, and stubborn stains from surfaces, and clean it to the bare metal, leaving your kitchen hood and surrounding areas sparkling clean and hygienic.

Upgrade your kitchen ventilation system with our professional duct installation services. Whether you’re renovating or starting anew, our team will design and install custom ductwork, ensuring optimal air circulation and compliance with industry standards. Trust us for a seamless and efficient installation process.

Ensure the safety of your kitchen with our comprehensive fire suppression service. Our expert technicians will install, inspect, and maintain top-notch fire suppression systems, providing you with peace of mind and compliance with safety regulations of kitchen hood systems around Western NY. 

Advanced Hood Cleaning Solutions for Commercial Kitchens

If you own a commercial kitchen, it is of utmost importance that your location abides by the FDA standards, complies with NFPA 96 fire codes and maintains absolute cleanliness. Not to mention, the complete safety of your employees, staff and customers and even yourself by getting rid of active fire hazards and this can be done by undergoing thorough exhaust hood inspecting and cleaning. Restaurant hoods are the most prone to extreme grease buildup, 

Moreover, there is a plethora of risks and health hazards that come with an unclean kitchen exhaust hood. It may lead to sanitation issues and cause grease to drip onto the food being prepared, create toxic aromas and overall pose a health risk. You may face risks of business closure by your health department around Western New York (NY).

To avoid all of the above and more, avail hood cleaning services as soon as possible and get your kitchen exhaust system checked thoroughly. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Generally, the cleaning frequency depends on your commercial building size, cooking type, cooking volume and fuel type used. However, it is recommended that a commercial kitchen avail kitchen hood cleaning services and inspections every 1 to 6 months to comply with fire safety regulations and health standards.

The duration of cleaning depends on a variety of factors, starting from the size of the kitchen all the way to the amount of grease buildup and complexity of the issues found, if any. For unforeseeable circumstances, it is strongly recommended that a cleanup is scheduled on a day when the kitchen is closed or not in use.