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Do you smell something putrid every time you enter your home? Are customers complaining about the air quality in your restaurant recently? Then it is probably a sign you should not ignore. Your air ducts may be the culprit, and they need immediate repair — otherwise the consequences could be dire.

When we say dire, we mean business suspension and in extreme cases, business shutdown. And if it’s concerning your home, your health and quality of life will be badly compromised. Let’s cut to the chase and identify what are the five most tell-tale signs your when you need air ducts repair.

Signs You Need Air Duct Repair in Buffalo, NY

Foul Odor Around Your Establishment

Due to temperature fluctuations between the outside and inside environment, an optimal atmosphere is created in your ducts which promotes the growth of mildew, mold and the accumulation of bacteria. 

These lead to bad smells around your house that may spread across your entire duct system, leading to your entire establishment smelling rotten. Avoid this by getting a professional checkup of your air ducts repair at the first notice of foul odor.

Unusually High Utility Bills

Can’t seem to add two and two when you’re looking at your bills for the month? If it is inexplicably high and a few other symptoms match up in this list, you need to consider your air ducts getting checked and repaired. 

When there are leaks and loose joints in the air ducts, the HVAC system becomes inefficient and takes on more load to compensate for the air loss. This in turn leads to inefficient performance and high bills. 

Prolonged pressure on your air duct system.can lead to more harm than good and cause higher damages, costing you more in the long run. Avoid this and get yours checked and repaired today.

Allergy Flare Ups and Respiratory Issues

If you notice persistent coughs, and respiratory allergy flare ups more frequently in your establishment, it’s a sign of leaks in your air ducts. Leaky air ducts allow the infiltration of dust, pollen and other unwanted irritants into your home or commercial kitchen. This is a huge health hazard as it may trigger such allergy attacks and worsen respiratory conditions.

Pest and Rodent Infestation Problems

Pests like cockroaches, flies, and other critters like rodents get easy access through the holes and leaks found around faulty air ducts. This could highly compromise your health and quality of life. If you notice an uprising of pests and insects in your house and spot rats and mice, avoid waiting till the situation worsens and call a professional technician immediately to get your air ducts thoroughly cleaned and checked.

Visible Dust Accumulation In Your Establishment

Air ducts are made to keep dust and other irritants out of your household. Visible accumulation of dirt and dust on your furniture and around your home or commercial kitchen is a big sign your air duct is not able to do its job properly. 

Contact a professional immediately and get your air ducts repaired at the earliest possible time.

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