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Amidst the aroma of Buffalo’s famed wings and delectable dishes in NY, the need for professional hood cleaning emerges as an integral ingredient in maintaining the city’s thriving culinary scene. Look out for these 5 telltale signs that indicate it may be time for a professional cleanup of your kitchen hood and a special look at your exhaust fans.

Signs Your Kitchen Hood Needs Professional Cleaning in Buffalo, NY

Detecting Unusual Odors From your Kitchen Hood

Our noses don’t lie and smells are one of the biggest indicators of something being wrong. When there is a musty smell of oil and grease buildup, it is time to check your vents. Most likely, this is due to a dirty filter that needs changing immediately. If the source of the smell is not identified and removed promptly, more grease may accumulate and this might cause permanent damage to your exhaust system and reduce efficiency.

Dysfunctional Exhaust Fans

Your fans bear the task of filtering out grease, fumes and other airborne pollutants that may form as a byproduct of cooking and using your other kitchen appliances. If you notice that your kitchen is lined with grease and is sticky all over the walls and the floors, then it might mean your exhaust fans are not doing their job at all or well. This could be due to them being jammed physically or their filter being clogged with grease and other contaminants. Either way, this requires the help of a professional cleaner who can remove the build up and bring your fans back up to speed. 

It is absolutely essential for your fans to be at top speed because they’re required to transport the grease condensation from inside your kitchen exhaust pipe to outside of your establishment before they condense back into liquids and solidify on your kitchen appliance surfaces.

Weather Changes affecting Kitchen Hood Range

When the weather starts to warm up and approach summer, the heat may cause some of the solidified grease accumulated in the exhaust fan and the filters to melt and leak out back onto the roof of the kitchen hood. This may cause irreversible damage to your appliances and shorten their lifespan by a lot. Problems in the exhaust fan may cause an inefficiency in transporting the grease to the outside environment, so it is highly recommended to schedule frequent checkups during the humid warm seasons specifically, especially if your kitchen exhaust hood is dripping liquid.

Increased Fire Alarm Triggers

Ventilation in the range hood expels all smoke and other particles produced while cooking in the kitchen into the outside environment. When it’s not able to do so efficiently or at all, smoke accumulates in the kitchen, making your fire alarms trigger and go off due to smoke buildup. It is a sign that your ducts may be blocked and need clearance to let the smoke pass. To fix this in the shortest time possible and avoid unnecessary false fire alarms, call professional Technicians for Kitchen Hood Servicing in Buffalo, NY and they will handle the rest.

Prolonged Period Since the Last Cleaning

If a significant amount of time has passed since the last time you’ve professionally gotten your kitchen hood cleaning, it is most likely time for another cleanup due to overtime grease and contaminant buildup. To avoid serious damage to your appliances, schedule a cleanup as soon as possible. Call us today anytime, we’re available 24/7 to offer our services to you.

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