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When you’re in the best eating city in America, namely Buffalo, NY, you can expect a lot of fuss around kitchen exhaust systems. These need special care with proper maintenance because that is what makes or breaks a kitchen, according to the public health department. Just like a sword, you need to keep your kitchen exhaust system in top-notch shape at all times, clean and grease-free. 

However, there is no doubt that the exhaust system maintenance is no easy feat and takes a team of professionals to get the job done while maintaining quality and avoiding getting fined. Let’s explore and find out exactly what happens when kitchen exhaust systems are maintained and what kind of potential trouble you save yourself and your commercial kitchen business from.

Essential Kitchen Exhaust System Maintenance in Buffalo New York

Get rid of Fire Hazards

When grease is left to build up, it leads to a potential fire hazard if the grease is not regularly cleaned out from the ductwork and the overall system. Grease and other oily buildups block ventilation and heat up, causing the flammable product to catch fire and cause a larger grease fire. Grease fires can be tricky to douse and usually require professional interference to bring under control with minimal damage to surroundings.

With the regular removal of grease and other potentially combustible sources, even if a fire does start, it does not spread and is brought under control much easier.

Cleaner and Healthier Air Quality

Modern kitchen stoves produce a lot of pollutants that need to be efficiently displaced accordingly. Inability to do so not only results in poor air circulation but also creates a toxic atmosphere in your kitchen which is a health hazard to every inhabitant of the building. This includes you, your employees, your customers and anyone else passing through. Without a doubt, this wouldn’t ring well in the health inspector’s view and earn you a risky fine.

To avoid such problems, make sure of the following about your kitchen hood:

  • The right size – covering ample area over your stove.
  • The right fan size – efficient and the right speed is needed for the perfect circulation around your establishment and avoid backdrafting; not too fast nor too slow. 
  • Proper exhaust system – Always go for a kitchen hood that can collect smoke to release outside and not circulate the air back into your establishment.

Make Your Kitchen Exhaust System Last Longer

When you take care of your commercial exhaust system and give it a proper checkup every 1-2 months, your kitchen system will thank you by lasting much longer. Over buildup of grease and other pollutants and a bad exhaust system can cause your fans to overwork and burn out, leading to a shorter lifespan. To avoid premature wearing out, schedule regular cleanups and checkups, and watch how efficiently your system runs.

In turn, you get to save a ton of cost by not having to keep replacing your fans or the entire exhaust system and get a more productive usage out of your commercial kitchen exhaust system.

Reasons to Hire Professional Solutions

The best way to make sure every bit of your exhaust system is cleaned up and serviced is by hiring professional hood cleaner to handle cleaning your kitchen hood system, you can rest assured that the procedures will be carried out with precision and accuracy. 

Our professionals are:

  1. Equipped with Industry-standard tools and equipment
  2. Factory-trained, experienced and reliable to face any situation
  3. Craft a solution for your establishment and kitchen exhaust system
  4. Follow through procedures promptly
  5. Fast and Efficient

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