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With fire being the key component in the kitchen, it goes without saying that ensuring fire-safety regulations in the kitchen is absolutely essential. With highly reliable and the most efficient kitchen fire suppression services in Buffalo, NY, you can never go wrong with fire-proofing your kitchen, and more so if it is commercial. 

No matter the type of establishment you run, commercial or residential, Advanced Hood Cleaning solutions can design a fire suppression solution for your kitchen hood system without breaking a sweat. We know that the pinnacle of importance lies in the safety of your facility’s system, your employees, customers and surrounding areas, of course. With that in mind, we offer services that go beyond industry standard with our trained, expert-vetted professional kitchen fire suppression system service technicians, all while ensuring that your establishment and facilities are complying with all FDA-standards, local codes and regulations. 

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Kevana Hooks
Kevana Hooks
Professional kitchen exhaust cleaners . They do installs on site explains everything thorough . Easy and quick scheduling . Takes pictures of before and after service .
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Kattianne Folwell
Professional and does installs on site
Stephen Balconi
Stephen Balconi
Hood cleaning done correctly and professionally.

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Kitchen Fire Suppression Services for Commercial Restaurants

With an industrial kitchen exhaust system, a fire suppression system is strongly recommended over fire sprinklers, fire blankets and extinguishers. This is because when a fire is detected, the fire suppression system doesn’t need a technician’s presence. In fact, it’s so effective that it can also deal with fires out of human reach, like into the canopy of the hood, into the extract ducts and more unreachable areas. With our hood fire suppression system service, you’ll find the most labor-saving and time-efficient solution around Buffalo, New York (NY), as the kitchen can be cleaned up immediately after and your business can be up and running in no time.

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For complex kitchen hood systems, regular testing and inspection by a qualified technician are essential, and installation should adhere to the manufacturer’s instructions as well as local codes and regulations. The frequency depends on the amount of grease and cooking volume in the kitchen, and is recommended to be every 1 to 3 months for best results. 

Most Reliable Fire Suppression Services in Buffalo, NY

We understand how devastating the effects of disastrous fires can be on restaurant kitchens and other such commercial establishments using kitchen hood systems.This is why we minimize the dangerous impacts to your property in such situations and ensure that maximum amount of risk is eliminated when it comes to your staff and customers’ health and safety. And, of course, throughout all of this, we never forget to ensure the mitigation of adverse commercial effects on your business.

Reliable Methods for Hood Fire Suppression in Commercial Restaurants

Finding a fire suppression service company with operatives trained to handle various fire suppression systems can be challenging. However, with us, you can put those worries aside. We offer technicians who are fully industry-trained to tackle all kinds of fire suppression systems. Our goal is to keep our customers fully informed and educated about the services they are availing from us. Our operatives are fully equipped to install and service the following types:

Chemical Foam Suppression Systems

Chemical foam systems, placed under cooking canopies, are effective for kitchen fires caused by cooking mishaps or hot grease.

Water-Based Fire Suppression Systems

The system detects and extinguishes fires with a water mist or heavier water spray.

Pneumatic Heat Detection Tube

The pneumatic heat detection tube serves as an automatic fire extinguisher with a built-in detection system. When the temperature reaches a specific level, it punctures the pipe, releasing extinguisher foam to put out the fire.

Foam Deluge Systems

A foam deluge system is employed in areas where water suppression is impractical. Upon fire detection, water combines with foam to expand and extinguish the fire.

Pressurized Gas System

In a pressurized gas system, gas is stored as a liquid under pressure using liquid nitrogen. When a fire is detected, the system releases the gas, triggering a chemical reaction that extinguishes the fire.