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Did you know that most fires involve some form of cooking equipment? Working in the kitchen increases that likelihood by a lot with all the grease, oil and fire. And in the event that a fire does break out, most end up in severe cases of burns and injuries even. 

While it definitely helps to have staff trained in using the fire extinguisher and prompt grease cleaning supplies, kitchen fire suppression systems in your restaurants will save you a huge cost in case a fire does break out. The usage of this is still heavily undermined, but this is mainly because many don’t know much about its operation and how it works. Delve more into this article to find out!

The Importance of Fire Suppression Systems for Restaurants in Buffalo New York

Why even get a fire suppression system for your kitchen?

Kitchen fire suppression systems are designed in a way that not only prevents fires from happening, but even in the occurrence of a kitchen grease fire, the cleanup process is much easier and convenient. This is especially helpful for commercial kitchens so even misadventures like a kitchen fire will not obstruct business and can be cleaned up swiftly. 

The mechanism differs from brand to brand, but the basics remain relatively the same across them. Your kitchen exhaust hood is connected to the suppression system and also the gas line through the station. This way, if the gas line is triggered by a fire or fire hazard, it can easily shut off the gas supply which effectively cuts off fuel to supply the fire. 

In case of a grease fire, to avoid fast spreading, nozzles fixated right above the cooking station dispenses a water-based fire suppressant specifically designed to nerf grease fires, as water alone does no good. The smoke emitted from the fire is then vented out through the kitchen hood. All gone and cleaned up in less than a day’s work, and your customers won’t even know.

Make Your Commercial Restaurant Health Department Compliant in Buffalo NY

Speaking of not noticing, using fire suppression systems in your restaurant is going to ensure you’re not breaking fire codes in your area and are staying out of the health department’s radar, legally. We wouldn’t suggest not having one because that is a surefire way to get not only flagged but also a hefty fine for fire hazards and not fire-proofing your kitchen. It might also paint a bad impression on customers and, in extreme cases, risk your business being closed.

Call Advanced Hood solutions today and avoid this by installing strong and reliable fire suppression systems in your kitchen.

Professional And Reliable Kitchen Hood Fire Suppression Service In Buffalo NY

In conclusion, now you know why exactly your kitchen needs a strong fire suppression system and how it not only protects your kitchen from fires and hazards, but also ensures that you are legally abiding by health department laws to run your business smoothly.

You can call our services at Advanced Hood Solutions any time to book a visit, we’ll take care of the rest.

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