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At Advanced Hood Cleaning Solutions we have the expert knowledge in all areas of your kitchen exhaust system and hood. This will save you the time and money that all restaurant owners need. 

Larger company with a fleet of trucks and crews to easily get your serviced schedule and performed in a timely manner.

  • Provide a detailed after service reports of everything encompassing your entire system including before and after photos of the entire system.
  • Vast knowledge base of NFPA 96 fire codes. We will analyze your entire system to ensure the system is fully compliant with fire codes.
  • If compliance issues are found, we will follow up with another post service report and survey of what areas of the system are compromised and will need attention.
  • We work closely with mechanical contractors and ANSUL system inspectors and know all these areas of expertise as well.
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No other company can provide this expert knowledge in all areas of your Kitchen’s Hood service needs.